Our mission : maximum purity and best product quality.

We have all faced the same problem when it comes to buying nootropics and/or supplements : when it comes time to try the product, nothing happens. Really, nothing. Dozens of studies were promising and you expected it to work, but nothing. Although you may not react to the supplement in question, the reason is probably quite different : the quality of the product.

That’s why the purity and quality of our supplements is the number one priority at Nootrawpics. Find out how we ensure your satisfaction.


Third party analysis laboratories and European partners

As a company based in Luxembourg, we decided to select all our partners in Europe.

–> Our warehouses are based in Luxembourg, ensuring express delivery worldwide.

–> We have our products analyzed by various third-party laboratories in Europe, mainly in the Netherlands.

–> We select our suppliers with the utmost care to guarantee a minimum of 99% purity.



Our quality control in detail

We believe that transparency is the best way to build trust. That’s why we share with you our entire quality control process :

–> As soon as our supplements / nootropics come off the production line, random samples are taken to check that everything meets our requirements. This control is done internally, directly with our suppliers.

–> Other samples are also taken and sent directly to a third party laboratory, which also verifies the purity and presence of potential contaminants.

–> If the analyses reveal the slightest anomaly, the corresponding products are immediately destroyed (don’t worry, this never happens).

–> If the analyses guarantee a purity level of at least 99%, we send the products to our logistics partner who takes care of the canning / bagging.