Best Nootropics for studying and what you don’t know about them


Let’s start straight to the point : Nootropics are substances capable of improving mental performance. Although the Limitless film has greatly contributed to people’s interest in these kind of products, the concept is not new. From caffeine to nicotine, many compounds are widely know to boost your brain even if they don’t have a Nootropics label stuck on them. Despite this, science has evolved enormously in recent years and many studies have proven that some nootropics are more effective than others at studying and focusing effectively. Our mission is simple : take them out. Hm, no. Sorry, CS:GO memories. Forget about this one. Let’s find out now which are the best nootropics for studying. Because we know some of our readers are a bit lazy, we just made a quick list you’ll find just after these words.


Alpha GPC








1. Hydrafinil : Get ready to study for hours

If we had to keep only one nootropic in this list, Hydrafinil would be the chosen one. Are you really asking why ? Let’s elaborate a bit more then. Hydrafinil (Hydrafinil 9 Fluorenol, more widely know as Fluorenol), according to research, is a cognitive stimulant that is 40% more effective and less addictive than Modafinil. This single sentence should be enough to convince you. But let’s dig a little deeper. Eugeroics like Hydrafinil keep you from sleep like cafeine would do, but with a well-rested feeling. Many users from the subreddit r/Nootropics noticed a similar effect than Modafinil but without the “wired” feeling. Promising, right ?

That’s not the only benefit Hydrafinil can provide. Indeed, Hydrafinil 9 Fluorenol  stays in the body only for 6 to 8 hours. That makes it a perfect compound to study all day long without disturbing your ability to fall asleep at night.

Another good point for Hydrafinil : it is unregulated. That means you can order it anywhere in the world without worrying about a potential customs seizure.

Still not convinced ? We can’t do much more for you… Oh, one last thing. It’s way cheaper than modafinil.


2. Noopept : perfect for school and exams

A known disadvantage of most nootropics is their tendency to give nausea, headaches or an unnatural feeling of focus. Noopept isn’t one of them. You’ll most likely notice a “tunnel vision” feeling, but nothing too pronounced. That’s why Noopept is really popular among students. It’s a safe compounf to use for long studying sessions or for really demanding exams. 

Noopept also has anti-anxiety properties. What could be better for an exam than to reduce your stress so that you can have a better focus ?

Several studies also proved that Noopept improves recall and boost memory. That means taking Noopept during a studying session will help you to improve your cognitive performance. Many users on Reddit reported awesome effects from Noopept :

I’ve been taking Noopept for about a week and it seems to have gradually gotten stronger and longer. […] Why do I feel so much better and almost euphoric these last two days ?


3. Alpha GPC : the perfect stack enhancer

Alpha GPC is really popular among the best nootropics stacks for studying, and there is an explanation for that : it is cheap, potent and has little to no counter-indications. As many nootropics are known to deplete choline levels in the brain, Alpha GPC is the perfect compound to add to your exams stack.

It is already widely used by students around the world to boost mental and physical performance and supply choline to protect the nerves. Many users on Reddit and some health forums can relate on this one : as soon as they added Alpha GPC to their stacks, they felt the real power of it. You can also use Alpha GPC to :

  • Boosts cognition
  • Help with dementia
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Support stroke recovery

If you don’t want to buy another chemical compound, you can find choline sources in eggs, chicken and beef liver. No, you don’t have to buy it from us. Really.


4. Piracetam : Old but Gold

Piracetam is probably the oldest nootropics ever discovered. The first Piracetam pills were developed in the 60’s. Good ol’ days…

Yes, we know. Piracetam is an old grandpa. It’s not as potent as PhenylPiracetam or other Racetams. But a lot of studies proved its effectiveness and non toxicity. This is the safest Racetam you can take to improve your productivity and focus in 2021. Several clinical studies have shown that Piracetam works on animals by making their cell membranes more fluid. In that particular state, the cells and their mechanisms are boosted and are more efficient. Even if similar studies have not been replicated in humans, many daily users of Piracetam noticed a great cognitive improvement from it. 

So, fellow students, even if Piracetam is probably older than your parents, you should give it a go.


And… That’s it for today ! We really hope you found some great information in this post. Don’t hesitate to post a comment to let us know if you liked it., your favourite Nootropics supplier in Europe and USA (at least we hope so).