Best Nootropics for Bodybuilding and Powerlifting


Nootropes are legal substances capable of assisting performance in a number of areas : concentration, motivation, strength, ability to learn, recovery…  One of the best known nootropes ? Coffee, which is used as a pre-workout for a large number of athletes, professional or not.  So, do they really have a use in sports in general, and especially in bodybuilding ? Let’s get some answers !


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1. Pre-workout use

When we talk about the best nootropics for bodybuilding, the first thing that comes into our minds is building muscle and getting a better focus.  However, it seems interesting to dig a little deeper to understand which nootropics are proven to be the best to get a significant boost in motivation, and what is the mechanism of action behind it. 

How do they work ?

Many nootropics act as dopamine reuptake inhibitors. This results in an increase in dopamine production, which has the immediate effect of improving cognition, increasing motivation and desire, and slowing the onset of fatigue and saturation.

For some nootropic compounds, (such as Hydrafinil) their 5 HT6 receptor antagonism function increases the production of choline and glutamate in the brain. It also improves norepinephrine and dopamine concentrations in the prefrontal cortex.

Some nootropes also have an effect on the GABA activity, such as Phenibut. They boost their activity in the brain, which also leads to an increase in dopamine, but also serotonin. The result ? An important effect on mood, cognition, motivation, energy and also a feeling of well-being and zenitude.

Which nootropics to take, and why ?

If you are looking to get jacked and increase your motivation and the desire to break everything during the leg day, Hydrafinil or Phenibut will do the trick pretty easily.

Some Reddit users have already tested several nootropes in pre-workout and have noted many positive effects :

Why bodybuilders like phenibut? from phenibut

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But it would be a pity to stop only at this stage. Nootropics have many other advantages, such as a gain in strength and the nervous system. It is therefore interesting to incorporate Alpha GPC in your pre-workout stack. We’ll explain why in a few minutes.


2. Strength and nervous system

Many nootropics have interesting effects on the nervous system and recovery. Alpha GPC is one of them.

Several studies show that the daily use of Alpha GPC (if it is of good quality, obviously) has a positive effect on the nervous system, its recovery and that it results strenght gains.

This study shows for example a significant gain in lower body strength after 6 days of Alpha GPC supplementation by an athlete. It concludes by saying that coaches can consider adding Alpha-GPC to the diet of speed and power athletes to enhance muscle performance.

The other advantage of Alpha GPC comes from its role with choline. Indeed, Alpha-GPC brings a lot of choline to the body right after its consumption, and moreover it is the most efficient choline precursor (it is able to influence both systemic and cerebral choline concentrations).

Choline is essential for many functions in the body, as it strengthens the structure and signal functions of cell membranes.

This is what allows the body and muscles to work efficiently, and it is also what allows the nervous system to perfectly control the breathing and heartbeat functions.

Choline is also the precursor of acetylcholine, which has a very important role for the nervous system. Alpha GPC therefore makes it possible to reach levels of choline concentration that are impossible to achieve through a classic diet, which has many positive effects on the mood (choline helps to fight depression) and the nervous system.


3. Hormones

Another overlooked effect of nootropics is that they can have a significant impact on your hormone levels.

For example, Alpha GPC significantly increases the level of growth hormone, as shown in the following study :

Do we really need to explain what growth hormone is or what it’s used for ? For people who may not be aware of it, growth hormone plays a very important role in muscle growth.

Some of the benefits of growth hormone include :

  • Increased exercise capacity
  • Increasde bone density
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Decreased body fat

You now have a little idea why it can be interesting to supplement with Alpha – GPC (in addition to the functions on strength gain and the nervous system).

But there is more. We saw earlier that some nootropes such as Hydrafinil or Phenibut play a role on the GABA system.

However, the GABA system plays a very important role, and the increase of GABA has many positive effects on hormones, as shown on this page. Indeed, studies have shown that an increase in GABA levels leads to an increase in growth hormone levels and also to an increase in muscle mass.

If you are looking to get a significant boost for your hormones, it is therefore very interesting to make a stack of Alpha GPC and Hydrafinil or Phenibut for example.


4. Recovery

The last point is not the least important.

Rest is an essential factor in bodybuilding. It is during the phase between workouts that your body will recover from muscle fiber damage and build muscle. Gladly, many nootropics help to improve this resting phase, such as Phenibut, or especially Aniracetam, which helps to restore optimal sleep.

As you can read, Aniracetam can be very helpful in treating various sleep impairments and disorders. If you don’t have problems sleeping, Aniracetam can improve the quality of the REM phase of dreaming.

It has great results on improving the sleeping habits and quality of sleep for healthy people with no sleeping disorders.


5. Adaptogens

In addition to the nootropes we have seen above, adaptogenic plants are known to have a significant effect on hormones.

One finds in particular shilajit and tribulus, which will come to increase the hormonal rates in a significant way, and in particular to come to boost the rate of testosterone.

As this study shows, it can therefore be interesting for athletes and bodybuilders to supplement themselves with high quality shilajit and tribulus.


6. Conclusion

In conclusion, depending on your goals in bodybuilding, it may be interesting to supplement with certain nootropes.

Our stack in a bodybuilding objective would be the following :

– Alpha GPC (for GH stimulation): 500mg to 1g / day
– Aniracetam (for sleep): 750 mg-1500 mg / day
– Coffee and Phenibut for pre workout and increasing GABA rates

-Tribulus and/or Shilajit, for T booster

Our stack in a powerlifting / strenght goal would be the following:

– Alpha GPC (for the nervous system and strength gain): 1.2 g / day
– Aniracetam (for sleep): 750 mg-1500 mg / day
– Hydrafinil (for mood and recovery): 150mg / day

-Tribulus and/or Shilajit, for T booster

We really hope you found some great information in this post. Don’t hesitate to post a comment to let us know if you liked it., your favourite Nootropics supplier in Europe and USA (at least we hope so).